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Spider-Man Up from Nowhere

Spider-Man Up from Nowhere

Year: -
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family
Country: USA
In New York harbor, a mysterious machine pops up out of the depths. This is the lab of Dr. Atlantian, a demented scientist from the lost continent of Atlantis. At the same time as Atlantian is planning to subjugate the world, Peter is learning about Atlantis - and its apparently highly advanced technology, some of which draws its power from the moon. Unknown to anyone, Atlantian deploys the moonbeam to create an earthquake, which draws attention from the armed forces. The army turns its tanks on Atlantian's reactor, now at the surface of the water. Atlantian deploys a moonbeam across Manhattan, then encases it in a bubble & sinks the island into the ocean. Peter turns into Spidey to thwart Atlantian's plans, and swims to the surface to confront Atlantian in his reactor. The two of them struggle savagely for control of the reactor, until Atlantian threatens to destroy the city by bursting the bubble. Spidey stops Atlantian and encases him in webs, then hits the external power that ...