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His Mother

His Mother

Year: 1911
Genre: Short, Drama
Country: USA
Donald Gray, living with his mother in Scotland, through the friendship of the family physician, is offered an opportunity to go to America to study medicine. He leaves with his mother's blessings. Five years later, Donald is a physician with a successful practice in New York City. One of his patients has grown very fond of him; at the same time the young physician has grown fond of this gentleman's daughter, and is engaged to be married to her. His mother resolves to pay him an unexpected visit. She arrives at his home just as he is thinking of her, and the meeting is a touching one. Donald induces his mother to take a small cottage in the country, as he is afraid that his intended will not like his plain mother. After everybody has retired, Mrs. Gray packs her valise and wanders about from place to place; exhausted and sick, she is taken to the hospital. Donald, discovering his mother's absence, telephones everywhere to learn what has become of her, without avail. He receives a ...