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Wild West Tech Shootout Tech

Wild West Tech Shootout Tech

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Genre: Documentary, History, Western
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This show covers the history and technical aspects of the western shootout. They describe the first documented shootout in July 1865 in Springfield, Missouri which involved Wild Bill Hickock. They demonstrate various gun maneuvers including the Border Shift, Road Agent Spin, Roll, and fanning. Most shootouts involved alcohol, money, or women with participants usually drinking for liquid courage and occurred with short notice or in the heat of the moment. Modifications to weapons and holsters to provide advantages are detailed. Guns were often hidden (public display of weapons was often illegal contrary to their display in westerns) making men's vests popular along with modified pants and suspenders. There was even a recorded gunfight between two women over a man (they accidental shot the man) but most gunfights were undocumented limiting historical information on them.